Based on the Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series

PART 1 of 6

It was a sunny, cheerful day at Waldameer, and the two children walked with a purpose. Seth, a 12-year-old boy with a line of freckles across his nose, walked next to his sister Julia, who was two years younger. Even though Seth and Julia practically lived at Waldameer in the summer, today was a special day.

Their friend Anh had returned from her trip to visit her relatives in Vietnam. Anh wasn’t just a friend. She was a fellow detective. Seth and Julia’s favorite hobby was solving mysteries at Waldameer, and Anh was one of their friends who helped.

As Seth and Julia approached the Fudge Shop, they noticed that Anh was nowhere in sight. She had told them to meet her at this time. Puzzled, they poked their head around the corner. Mrs. Ambrose, Seth and Julia’s mom, worked at the Fudge Shop.

“Mom, have you seen Anh?” Seth asked, pushing up his glasses.

“Anh wanted to make her homecoming extra special,” Mrs. Ambrose said from behind the counter as she cut peanut butter fudge into squares.

“What do you mean extra special?” Julia asked.

“Anh planned a scavenger hunt! She’s somewhere in the park waiting for you. You have to follow the clues to find her.” Mrs. Ambrose smiled at Seth and Julia’s excited expressions. “Are you ready for your first clue?”

“Yes!” they both said.

“I spin all day and am full of cheer. My horses are nearby. Which ride am I?”

Follow the clue for the next part in the story! Once you’ve identified the correct ride, check the ride’s perimeter (you do not need to go on the ride). There, you’ll find the next QR code to scan. Good luck!


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