Based on the Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series

PART 2 of 6

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, scan the QR code at the Fudge House to start from the beginning!

As Seth and Julia walked through the crowd, the music from the carousel got louder. The upbeat organ music matched the happy faces of the children and parents riding. Just like the clue said, horses, lions, and elephants spun by them in a whirr of lights.

A boy with short black hair leaned against the railing. His focus was on the electronic circuit in his hand.

“Hey Tyren, what are you doing here?” Seth asked.

Tyren looked up and smiled. “I’m the keeper of the second clue!” Like Anh, Tyren was another friend and fellow detective who helped them solve mysteries at Waldameer. He recently finished building his own computer with his uncle’s help.

Seth and Julia were starting to understand the scavenger hunt that Anh had created for them. Each clue led to a ride where someone would be waiting for them. Eventually, they’d find Anh.

“Being back at the carousel brings back memories, doesn’t it?” Tyren said.

“It’s where I found the long-lost locket, which led to our very first mystery,” Julia replied. She could still see the locket’s glimmer in the dirt that special day.

“So what’s our next clue?” Seth asked Tyren. He could hardly wait to see where Anh would send them next. Excitement bubbled up inside them like a fizzy soda drink.

“I am the tallest in all the land. Hang on tight if you’re dropping by. Which ride am I?”


Follow the clue for the next part in the story! Once you’ve identified the correct ride, check the ride’s perimeter (you do not need to go on the ride). There, you’ll find the next QR code to scan. Good luck!


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