Based on the Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series

PART 3 of 6

If you haven't read Parts 1-2 yet, scan the QR code at the Fudge House to start from the beginning!

Seth and Julia were almost at the X Scream drop tower. The tall white structure stood 140 feet high. As they arrived, the riders were making their way to the top. 

On a green bench in front of the ride, two of their friends waved at them. Bek and Semira were talented detectives and good friends. Both were from other countries, but now called Erie their home. Throughout their adventures solving mysteries at the park, Bek and Semira had grown to love Waldameer as much as Seth and Julia.

“Welcome to clue number 3,” Bek said, opening his arms with a grand gesture.

“How’s the scavenger hunt going?” Semira asked.

“So far, so good,” Julia said. “Did you ride the X Scream while you waited for us?”

Just then, the riders reached the top of the tower and paused. A second later, they screamed as they dropped back to the ground, sending a whoosh of air that ruffled the children’s hair.

Bek, who was afraid of heights, gulped. “No thanks,” he said and his friends laughed. Even though he was afraid of heights, he had conquered that fear by riding the Ferris Wheel during the mystery of the curious clues.

“I don’t blame you,” Semira smiled. “Anyways, are you ready for the next clue?”

“We’re ready. Will we see you at the end?” Seth asked.

“We’ll be at the final location with Anh,” Bek said.

“Okay, let’s hear it then,” Julia said. Now it was her turn to be impatient because she was so excited.

“I am not a ride, but an area of the park. I am not in the South, East, or West. We could have a tea party or swing in the sky. Where am I?”

Follow the clue for the next part in the story! Once you’ve identified the correct location, you’ll find the next QR code to scan. Good luck!


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