Based on the Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series

PART 4 of 6

If you haven't read Parts 1-3 yet, scan the QR code at the Fudge House to start from the beginning!

Seth and Julia paused at the iron archway that read “North End.” On their left, they saw the Wendy’s Tea Party ride with children laughing as they spun around in the giant teacups. Ahead of them, guests swung on the Flying Swings, while they got an incredible view of Lake Erie.

“Who do you think we’ll find here?” Julia asked her brother, running a hand over her brown braid.

“Well if it isn’t my two favorite Waldameer history buffs,” a kind voice said to their right.

Seth and Julia smiled and walked over to Janet the gardener, who was kneeling in a flowerbed.

Janet worked as Waldameer’s gardener, making the park beautiful with colorful flowers. She was also very knowledgeable about Waldameer history. Janet’s history knowledge had been essential in solving their mysteries, especially the long-lost locket and curious clues mysteries.

“How are you, Janet?” Seth asked.

“I’m well, thanks. Just enjoying this gorgeous weather,” she said. It really was a perfect summer day.

“Are we close to finding Anh?” Julia said. She couldn’t wait to see Anh and catch her up with all she had missed while out of the country.

“You’re close. Only two clues left,” Janet answered. “Want to hear the next clue?”

“Let’s hear it,” Seth said.

“I’m made of wood and space dust. The Ravine Flyer 2 is the biggest, but I am the oldest.  Which ride am I?”

Follow the clue for the next part in the story! Once you’ve identified the correct ride, check the ride’s perimeter (you do not need to go on the ride). There, you’ll find the next QR code to scan. Good luck!


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