Based on the Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series

PART 5 of 6

If you haven't read Parts 1-4 yet, scan the QR code at the Fudge House to start from the beginning!

As Seth and Julia approached the Comet roller coaster, they saw its lime green cars race back into the station. The old-fashioned sounds the Comet made reminded Julia of her first time riding the wooden roller coaster. The Comet was often children’s first ever roller coaster.

Julia smiled at the memory as they watched the guests go down the first hill. “Do you see anyone waiting for us?” she asked, scanning the crowd.

Seth saw an elderly man with a gray beard sitting on a green bench near the Comet. Though he had an open book in his hand, his attention was up at the clouds.

This was a fitting description of Orlando actually, Seth thought. Their librarian friend was prone to daydreaming and often had his head up in the clouds.

“Hi Orlando,” Julia said, interrupting Orlando’s thoughts.

“Good to see you, niños. Those clouds reminded me of when I was chasing storms in Nebraska. My friends and I almost got swept up by a tornado…” Orlando said in his calm, sleepy voice.

Like Janet, Orlando had helped them solve their mysteries. At one point during the mystery of the sneaky sabotage, Seth and Julia even thought he was a suspect.

“Once we finish the scavenger hunt, you can tell us all about it. We’ll see you with Anh at the final location, right?” Seth asked.

Por su puesto,” Orlando replied. “This is the final clue. Let’s see, what was it again…”

Seth and Julia were so close to finding Anh. They couldn’t stop now. Just then, Orlando remembered and recited the final clue.

“I am not a ride, but I am an iconic attraction. Frozen in time, I’ll put my arm around you with a smile through my face paint—just don’t step on my big red shoes. Where am I?”

Follow the clue for the final part in the story! Once you’ve identified the correct location, you’ll find the final QR code to scan. Good luck!


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