Based on the Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series

PART 6 of 6

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Seth and Julia had figured out the final location of Anh’s scavenger hunt! Through the crowd, they could see Anh sitting on the bench next to Charlie the Clown. The clown wore a yellow and red costume and always had his arm out, welcoming guests to sit next to him.

Anh beamed as Seth and Julia ran up to her.

“Anh! We found you,” Julia said, hugging her friend. She was glad Anh was back and could help with whatever their next Waldameer mystery would be.

“I can’t believe you made a whole scavenger hunt for us,” Seth said, taking his turn to hug his friend. “That was so fun!”

“I’m glad you liked it. I wanted to do something special, and I figured a mini mystery would be fitting,” Anh said proudly.

“Where is everyone else?” Seth asked.

“They’re all getting treats from the concession stand,” Anh replied, pointing behind the Big Rigs ride, where Tyren, Bek, Semira, Janet, and Orlando stood in line at the ice cream window.

Seth’s eyes lit up. “I’ll right back,” he said while Julia and Anh laughed. Seth always had an appetite for sweets.

“Let’s take a picture with Charlie the Clown,” Anh said, pulling out her phone. Julia and Anh took a selfie, then smiled at the picture.

“I love it,” Julia said. “I’m so happy you’re back. We have so much to catch up on.”

“I want to hear all about the mysteries you’ve solved since I’ve been away,” Anh said, as they started walking toward the rest of their friends.

“Well, one day, Seth, Semira, and I were riding the Whacky Shack…”

With Seth and Julia solving the scavenger hunt and all their friends celebrating Anh’s homecoming, it was a special day at Waldameer indeed.

Congratulations, you solved the scavenger hunt!

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