Happy 4th Birthday to the Waldameer Mystery Files!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What started as a whim has become so much more.

Four years ago, my first book was published, The Long-Lost Locket. I thought I might make Waldameer Mystery Files a series, but I wanted to see how the first book would be received. That summer, I started getting positive feedback from readers and that settled it--there would be a book #2!

About a year later, I published a second book, The Sneaky Sabotage, and before I realized it, readers were asking for #3! I took a hiatus from writing as my graduate school education intensified, but I decided that eventually, I'd add a third story to the series.

So how did the Waldameer Mystery Files come to be?

First, there are two things to know about my childhood:

(1) Since my family owns and operates it, Waldameer was my second home as a child. I'd spend my days riding rides, playing arcade games, and eating lots of park food. Then once I was old enough, I started working there--for a total of 10 summers to be exact. So Waldameer is kind of in my family's DNA.

(2) Growing up, I always had my head in a book. I loved to read, and wherever I went, I had a book in hand. I would have big ambitions to write stories, but in typical kid fashion, I'd give up once I encountered the first challenge. As I aged though, I privately had dreams to become an author and write books someday.

Now that you know those two facts, the rest is a little more obvious. After graduating with a Creative Writing degree, my mom suggested I write a picture book about Waldameer that they could sell in the gift shop.

I laughed it off at first, but the idea stuck, and I soon got excited about a chapter book series set at Waldameer. The main characters could solve mysteries, and each book could be about a different ride, and it could incorporate real history...

My mind took off, I began writing, and here we are. I'm very happy where that initial whim took me. Thanks to all the readers--present and future--who make my writing possible!

Stay tuned for my third book, The Curious Clues, coming out in 2020...

And happy 4th birthday to the Waldameer Mystery Files!


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