How Reading Can be a Balm for Kids During Covid-19

Being transported into another world through reading can be an act of self-care

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically reshaped our lives--sending us indoors, restricting those we come in contact with, and forcing more solitary time upon us.

This time can be especially difficult for children who may not fully grasp why they can't go to school or play with their friends like normal. They also aren't equipped with the toolbox of coping skills that adults have at their disposal. Luckily for children, reading can fill that void of coping skills and act as a balm for the turbulence and anxiety caused by Covid-19.

But not just reading any old book--a good book with good characters and a good plot in a good setting. A book that children can escape to, get lost in, and find a temporary reprieve. These kinds of books comfort us as readers, and it feels like we're indulging in a treat when we open their pages.

Good books can take our minds off ourselves, and we all likely need a healthy dose of escapism during such stressful times.

The quickest way out of your own head is to enter someone else's.

Books provide children with characters to befriend, interact with, and learn from. For instance, the lives of Seth and Julia Ambrose--the protagonists of the Waldameer Mystery Files series--are uniquely engaging: they spend much of their time immersed in the delightfully carefree atmosphere of an amusement park. They work with friends to solve mysteries at the park,