Fun, educational videos about Waldameer and Language Arts!



The Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series is perfect for elementary students because it...

  • Includes characters of different races and ethnicities

  • Includes immigrant and refugee characters who are learning English

  • Includes themes of diversity, empathy, friendship, and teamwork

  • Includes a Discussion Question & Activity Guide for easy lesson plans!

Add to Your Classroom Library

Teachers can give their elementary school students access to children's books about empathy and diversity. The Waldameer Mystery Files children's books have multicultural characters and make a great addition to a diverse classroom library.

Read the Waldameer Children's Books as a Class

Teachers can read the Waldameer Mystery Files children's books with little planning because each children's book comes with a Discussion Question & Activity Guide.

Reinforce 3rd Grade ELA Lessons with Fun Videos

Teachers can reinforce 3rd Grade ELA lessons using the Waldameer Mystery Files YouTube channel. Each video solves a mystery related to Waldameer and one related to Language Arts (aligned with Common Core standards).

Inspire with an Author Talk

Teachers can inspire students to read, write, and pursue their passions by booking Waldameer Mystery Files author David Gorman for an engaging and informative Author Talk about his writing process and tips for young writers. David is also available as a conference speaker.

Fairview Elementary 4th Grade Field Trip
Fairview Elementary 4th Grade Field Trip
Grandview Elementary Author Talk
Grandview Elementary Author Talk