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The Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series is written for readers age 7-11. Siblings Seth and Julia solve mysteries with their friends at Waldameer & Water World in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

The Waldameer Mystery Files children's book series was written with teachers in mind. The children's books teach empathy and diversity by including multicultural characters and immigrant and refugee characters who are learning English. 

Teachers can use the Waldameer Mystery Files children's books for their classroom library, or teachers can read the books with their class using the Discussion Question & Activity Guide provided. All the lesson planning is already done!

For more information, see the books below:



Waldameer Mystery Files Children's Book #1

Summary: Seth and Julia Ambrose practically live at Waldameer, the local amusement park. While showing their friends Tyren and Anh around, they find an old locket near the carousel. Where did the locket come from? How long has it been lost? But most importantly, whose is it? Follow Seth, Julia, Tyren, and Anh as they search for clues, outsmart bullies, and make unexpected friendships in their first Waldameer mystery!

Ages: 7-11

Themes: Friendship, Second Chances

Character Spotlight: Anh, a Vietnamese immigrant and English Language Learner

Featured Ride: Carousel

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Waldameer Mystery Files Children's Book #2

Summary: After a masked figure scares Seth and Julia in the Whacky Shack, strange things start happening. Some say the ride is haunted by an angry ghost. Who is causing all the trouble? Is this related to the award ceremony happening in a few days? From the ambitious journalist to the pushy salespeople, there is no shortage of suspects. Join Seth, Julia, Tyren, and Semira as they race to protect one of Waldameer's most beloved rides!

Ages: 7-11

Themes: Teamwork, Integrity

Character Spotlight: Semira, an Ethiopian refugee and English Language Learner

Featured Ride: Whacky Shack



Waldameer Mystery Files Children's Book #3

Summary: When Seth and Julia are approached by a secretive man and asked to solve a decades-old scavenger hunt, they accept. But they're not the only detectives the man has recruited for this Waldameer mystery. Can Seth and Julia find the treasure before the team of cheaters? Who is the mystery man and why does he always wear a disguise? The latest Waldameer mystery sends Seth, Julia, Bek, and Semira on a puzzling race as they compete to solve the curious clues!

Ages: 7-11

Themes: Empathy, Overcoming Fears

Character Spotlight: Bek, an Uzbek immigrant and English Language Learner

Featured Ride: L. Ruth Express train